By Jennifer Davis
Updated Jan 18, 2018 @ 10:00 pm

Saint West may only be two years old, but the toddler is already showing signs of genius, according to mom Kim Kardashian West.

The reality star and beauty mogul shared a very proud moment on Twitter to brag about his spelling abilities. "Guys I have to say my son is a genius! He’s two years old and knows how to spell gargantuan," she wrote. "Had to brag for a sec." That's definitely worth a bit of mom bragging.

It's possible that Saint is taking after his dad, Kanye West, who has called himself a "creative genius" in the past or maybe his big sis' North West is helping him learn big words. Regardless of where his spelling ability comes from, he's definitely a smart little guy.

Since welcoming her third child via surrogate earlier this week, Kim has been staying active on social media. Last night, she whipped up a soul food feast for her family, as well as caused fans to freak out over a cryptic Louis Vuitton Instagram, which turned out to be nothing but a tribute to the designer's last show.

The newly-minted mom of three is definitely not slowing down.