By Alexis Bennett
Updated Feb 16, 2016 @ 8:00 pm
Kim Kardashian Lead 1
Credit: Raymond Hall/GC Images

Kim Kardashian and her glam squad have so many unbelievable beauty secrets in their arsenal, and they haven't been shy about sharing them. A few weeks ago her hair pro divulged the secret to Kardashian's perfect ponytail—and now we know how she confidently wears tops with deep necklines sans a bra.

On her website the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star confessed that she is a fan of using tape to keep her cleavage perky. She explained in the post, "It's my secret trick to have perfect cleavage in photos." So, what kind of tape does the star use for the lift? "I’ve used everything from duct tape to packing tape to masking tape, and I think that the best I found is gaffer’s tape." She's not talking about adding a few strips at the bottom of her cleavage, but instead creating a clever harness that extends from one side, around the back of her neck, and ends on the other side. It may sound like a needlessly over-the-top beauty hack, but Kardashian shared a picture proving that it really works.

Kim Kardashian Cleavage - Embed
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Kardashian kept the tips coming and added, "Make sure you don't have any lotion or oils on when you're lifting your boobs up with the tape." And of course removing the sticky strips isn't easy. The 35-year-old went on to say, "Just brace yourself for when it's time to take it off LOL." Ouch! So that's how she wears those low plunging looks with ease. Now we just need her to share her secret for flawlessly strutting in heels 24/7.