By Christopher Luu
Updated Oct 03, 2018 @ 9:30 pm

Just when we all thought that the Kim Kardashian Paris robbery was in the past, a new development gets tossed into the ether. According to Newsweek, Kardashian's insurance company, AIG, is suing her former bodyguard, Pascal Duvier, and his employer, PROTECTSECURITY, for more than $6 million ($6.1, to be exact) because he left her alone in her hotel room.

The Daily Beast adds that the lawsuit states that Duvier didn't correct a "number of security breaches in the hotel" on October 3, 2016. The suit also states that Duvier left Kardashian in her room to follow her sisters, Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner, to a "nearby club."

Kim Kardashian In New York
Credit: Josiah Kamau/Getty Images

Duvier failed to repair or replace a missing lock on the hotel’s front gate and repair an intercom on Kardashian’s door that was not working at the time of the robbery. That combination allowed masked robbers to enter Kim's room. Newsweek notes that "Kardashian was tied up, thrown in the bathtub and robbed at gunpoint in Paris two years ago while had her $4 million engagement ring from husband Kanye West."

"He took out a gun and I showed him the ring. He had gloves. He asked me where the jewels and the money were," Kardashian said after the incident, according to French newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche. "And at that point, they tied me up and put plastic cables and scotch tape on my hands, and then taped my mouth and my legs."

TMZ adds that it's not Kim Kardashian that's suing Duvier. AIG, the insurance company, has already paid her and is seeking restitution from the individual and the company that it believes allowed for the robbery to occur.