Kevin Mazur
Michelle Guerrere
Feb 21, 2016 @ 11:45 am

Kim Kardashian and sister Kylie Jenner change hairstyles like most people change shoes. When Kardashian showed up to husband Kanye’s Yeezy 3 show with icy blonde locks, we figured she had her celeb stylist change her 'do. It wasn’t until she wrote an honest post on her website admitting that her new look was actually a wig that we gave the whole thing a second thought. "I brought the platinum back!" she said. "I looooveeee being a blonde, and this time I can change it up if I want, becausethanks to Tokyo Stylezit's just a wig!"

Last night at the Nas & Maxwell concert with @amberridinger ❤️

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Dressing room diaries #SaturdayNightLive

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The natural brunette hasn’t kept it a secret that she’s found the process of bleaching her strands intense in the past and that she only washes her hair every few days to keep it from dying out. A wig could be the perfect solution for both of these problems. “I really wish I could dye my hair like I did before, but this is just so much easier,” she writes. We’re loving this low-key attitude, Kim. 




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