Why Khloé Kardashian Still Gave Her Daughter Tristan Thompson's Last Name

To say Khloé Kardashian's week has been hectic is a massive understatement. The reality star not only welcomed her first child—a daughter, named True Thompson—but she also did so amid rumors that her boyfriend Tristan Thompson has been cheating on her with multiple women.

It's a lot of news to handle, but even so, it didn't deter Kardashian from releasing a positive announcement of True's birth, complete and signed from both "Mommy and Daddy."

Fans were surprised by the both the united front and the baby's name choice, some theorizing that maybe "True" was Khloé's way of addressing the allegations. Others lamented that True getting the last name "Thompson" was a sign of imminent reconciliation. Now though, sources are revealing that True Thompson's name would be the same with or without the allegations.

“Khloé still very much loves Tristan, and this baby is one half his. True is their child together. Giving the baby his last name was never in question,” a source told People.

The last name might not have been negotiable, but neither was the first. A source told Entertainment Tonight that naming their daughter "True Thompson" was the plan all along.

“Khloe and Tristan are currently very much still together and living together and there is currently no plans for that to change,” the source added. “They’re both there for their daughter.”

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