Khloé Kardashian Has 4 Simple Tips for Losing Those Last 5 Pounds

If you've been wanting to lose those pesky last five pounds, allow Khloé Kardashian to step in and help.

The reality star took to her app this week to reveal her tips for how to lose a final few pounds, and they're pretty useful. Kardashian delved into specifics but also noted that weight loss isn't always the ultimate goal.

"While I prefer to focus on feeling healthy and energized rather than tracking numbers on a scale, I totally get that weight loss is an important goal for many, so stalling on the last few pounds is a very real and frustrating thing. A lot of people see big results at the beginning of their fitness and diet journey, but as time goes on, it can get harder to make progress the way you did at the outset," she wrote. "Don't be discouraged! It might just take a few simple tweaks to your diet and routine to go the final distance."

Check out two of Kardashian's simple tips below if you're looking for diet tweaks of your own, and find the final two tips on her app.

1. Forget "fat free" labels

"Fat-free foods aren't all they're cracked up to be, dolls! If you're reading your labels closely, you'll see that these foods often compensate by adding sugars, thickeners, and flour (i.e., extra calories) to improve the flavor. Furthermore, without fats to slow the digestion process, these added sugars and simple carbs enter the bloodstream at a faster rate," Kardashian wrote.

"This causes blood sugar levels to go haywire, causing you to eat MORE. Your daily fat-free yogurt might very well be sabotaging your diet! Read labels carefully and opt for low-fat or full-fat mono-unsaturated or unsaturated foods. Just be mindful of portion control—this is not a license to go crazy!"

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2. Just say "no" to artificial sweeteners

"Ask any nutritionist and they'll tell you the same thing: Artificial sweeteners are consistently linked to weight gain. In fact, they are arguably worse for you than real sugar! Fake sugar wreaks havoc on hormonal function, the neurological pathways that control hunger and your metabolism by attempting to "trick" your body into thinking it's getting something sweet," she wrote.

"Additionally, artificial sweeteners are over 1,000 times sweeter than the real thing, making them highly addictive and leading you to crave them much more often. That diet soda could be what's standing between you and those last 5 pounds! Try reaching for foods sweetened with small amounts of fruit sugar, if you need to get that fix."

Even if you aren't looking to lose five pounds specifically, this seems like pretty good advice. If you're hoping to follow in Kardashian's dietary and fitness footsteps even further, you can read the last two tips on Kardashian's app (subscription required).

Leave it to her to come through with the killer advice.

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