By Olivia Bahou
Dec 15, 2016 @ 5:15 pm

Khloé Kardashian is a self-described perfectionist with a case of "Khlo-CD," but her wrapping jobs are not nearly as neat as her color-coordinated fitness closet. In a video posted to her app and website, the reality star tries to demo how to wrap the perfect present, and you won't want to take notes.

"Watch me try to wrap a present. It's comical!" she wrote, and she's not lying. "Don't do this to me. Seriously?" she asks the squeaky wrapping paper. "Shut up, present." In the process, the 32-year-old develops "scissor rage," and winds up cursing at some double-sided tape.

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"Kris Jenner would be so disappointed right now," she concludes. While she's bad at wrapping, Khloé is great at hosting. The star shared her tips for the "perfect at-home holiday" and it sounds glorious—hot chocolate and Netflix, included.

"If I'm at home for the holidays, it's in a onesie, no doubt!" Khloé, we like your style.