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Credit: khloekardashian/Instagram

If you call sunny Calabasas home, every once and awhile you’re bound to catch a few too many rays—even if you regularly slather on sunscreen like Khloé Kardashian. Instead of letting redness and tan lines get in the way of her style, Khloé has perfected a foolproof way to make sunburns undetectable and shared her secrets to hiding burnt skin on her app,

Along with Khloé, chances are your mom has trained you on the importance of aloe vera and moisturizing red spots since she slathered the cooling gel on you after your first burn. But, did you know that your trusty color concealer that has helped you get through so many breakouts cut the redness from sunburns too?

Khloé turns to a green color correcting primer to neutralize redness after too much time in the sun. Add her corrector of choice to the list of drugstore favorites Khloé has in her beauty product lineup. The youngest Kardashian sister loves NYX Color Correcting Liquid Primer ($14;, a lightweight formula that glides on smoothly to keep foundation and concealer from getting cakey throughout the day.

Once your skin looks, cool, calm, and collected, Khloé recommends practicing a lighter hand for your foundation application. “Use a mineral foundation when your skin is irritated: it's gentler, and a powder formula will feel more comfortable on your sensitive skin,” she says. Her go to: Becca Perfect Mineral Skin Foundation ($40;, a lightweight formula with buildable coverage that also boasts antioxidant protection. With these tips on hand, this summer you won't be seeing red.