She wants in your feelings.


While the Kardashians aren't unfamiliar with showing off plenty of skin, it's rare for any of the famous siblings to bare it all. That's exactly what Khloé Kardashian did for her big sis, Kourtney, according to Cosmopolitan. Today, Kourtney's budding lifestyle site posted a photo to celebrate Khloé's curated slow-jams playlist and the snap may just be the closest to full-on naked that the youngest Kardashian sister has gotten.

In the Instagram post, Khloé is wearing pink lipstick, a stack of bracelets and nothing else, save for a bedsheet. The entire left side of her body is on display, but the pose manages to keep things demure. The bedtime photoshoot was in honor of Khloé's playlist, aptly titled "Stop Pooshing My Heart," which she says is "to get you connected with your feelings," but the songs are mainly about heartbreak, so maybe Khloé is more interested in getting people to connect to themselves, not use her playlist for bedtime activities.

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Credit: George Pimentel/Getty Images

"Get connected to your feelings with Khloé’s slow jams playlist," the caption reads. "Listen to every soulful track on Apple Music or Spotify and let us know below which playlist you'd like us to share next."

The playlist features Adele, Beyoncé, and Sam Smith as well as throwbacks from Al Green, Boyz II Men, and Aretha Franklin.

This is the second playlist that Khloe's shared. Previously, she shared her workout playlist, "Poosh Poosh Baby."

"It's a get your beast mode on type of list — play on shuffle," Khloé said of that tracklist. She's got a playlist for every occasion, whether it's for broken hearts or revenge bods.