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Khloe Kardashian
Credit: Jim Spellman/WireImage

If you steal a cookie from Khloé Kardashian‘s cookie jar, she is certainly going to notice.

In a video posted on her newly launched website and app on Monday, the 31-year-old reality star (and 2015 InStyle Social Media Awards nominee—vote for her here) gives the world an intimate look into the method behind the madness of one of her particularly tedious kitchen tasks.

The segment, aptly titled KHLO-C-D, shows her fiercely building stacks (on stacks on stacks) of perfectly aligned double-stuffed Oreos inside the massive 2-gallon glass cookie jars that reside on her kitchen counters.

“I love them, but I’m also crazy,” she says, “but I love to know that the rest of the world is as crazy and organized-obsessed as I am.”

“You say O.C.D. is a disease, but I say it’s a blessing,” she adds.

Watch her work her magic in the video below (complete with some NSFW language, so proceed with caution).

Besides Oreos, Khloé suggests using Vienna Fingers and frosted oatmeal raisin cookies—she keeps all three on hand at all times, obvs.

Other questions you may be having: How long does this task take? How often does one have to do this? How many boxes of Oreos does it require? If you take a cookie, do you have to replace it with another one?

The respective answers, according to Khloé: 5-10 minutes; once a month; 4½ boxes; no (because, despite what she may have said earlier, she’s “not crazy”).

She also takes some time during the building process to call out her mother, Kris Jenner, for stealing her trick. “I can’t handle my mom’s house because she copies every f—ing thing I do and no one gives me credit,” she says, adding, “I taught her everything she knows.”

The video is part of a Kardashian/Jenner media blitz on Monday, with Kim, Kylie, and Kendall each launching their own apps in addition to Khloé.