Khloe Kardashian Mascara
Credit: Slaven Vlasic/Getty

As Khloé Kardashian's "revenge body" gets better and better, she's made it no secret that sticking to a particular diet is one of things that keeps her physique in tip-top shape. Still, when it comes to her own kitchen, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star is fine with stocking it up with a few splurge-worthy items, particularly when it comes to grub for guests.

Kardashian posted a list of her grocery must-haves on her blog, after getting inspired by the list her sister Kendall Jenner shared on her app recently. "I keep my fridge stocked because I want to make sure my guests have everything they'd ever want!," Kardashian wrote, adding that fruit is an absolute necessity.

"I love going to the grocery store," she continued. "The first thing I buy is fruit. I'm obsessed with sliced fruit, so I have to have a ton of fruit in the house or I will go ballistic. I like mangos, pears and bananas. Don't f**k with my fruit!"

As for her other must-haves, she makes sure to keep Smartwater, bread, eggs, almond milk and veggies on hand, and she loves having maple honey turkey slices in her kitchen for meals and snacks. While there's a ton of healthy food in the mix, she doesn't shy away from stocking up on sweets. Kardashian fills up her cookie jars with Oreos and other treats, and keeps flour on hand since she loves to bake.

Whatever she's stocking in her kitchen, it is doing a body good ... even when she has an occasional cheat day packed with Popeye's chicken.