By InStyle Staff
Updated Apr 09, 2018 @ 1:45 pm

Khloé Kardashian has really leaned into the whole maternity thing.

Since confirming the news of her pregnancy in December, the 33-year-old has been somewhat open about what it’s like to anticipate her first child with boyfriend Tristan Thompson. On Instagram, she’s shared several romantic shots of Thompson holding her baby bump. And in the public eye, Khloé has even hinted at potential baby names, plus the fact that she wants her baby girl’s first name to begin with a “T” or “K.”

But when is she due?

It’s a question that she hasn't directly answered. We first learned that Khloé was expecting last September via People, and have been following her maternity since. At the end of February, she captioned a Snapchat photo of herself with “8 months Bumpin” while visiting Tokyo.

On March 29, she shared a Snapchat video where she was walking on the treadmill, captioning it, "9 Month Bump Stroll." Considering the average pregnancy is nine months long, that means this little one is essentially desperate to say hello to her new family at any given moment.

Last week, Khloé tweeted about her maternity diet, and happened to reveal that the baby was then due “in a few weeks.”

Considering a week has passed since that tweet, and considering "a few" typically means three or less, we’re guessing that Khloé should give birth by, at the latest, April 12. That precise date marks three weeks since her “few weeks” tweet.

On Wednesday, she updated her website with a blog post essentially recapping her journey to motherhood. “These past nine months have flown by, and I’ve loved every minute of it,” she wrote, according to People. “So far my pregnancy has been: super easy and I’m so beyond thankful for that. After my first trimester everything has been a breeze.”

The clock is ticking.