Khloé Kardashian Defends Kim After Fans Call Her Comments Homophobic

Keeping Up with (Kim) Kardashian was especially difficult these past few days, what with her statement about the president, her controversial weight loss comments and a new haircut. But in case you missed it, she also stirred up a beef with model/actor/lightning-rod-for-drama Tyson Beckford. Busy week!

Just when we thought things had cooled between Beckford and Kim, Khloé Kardashian—loyal little sis that she is—came to Kim's defense after fans labeled the reality star as homophobic for her clap back against Beckford.

But first, let us take you all the way back to Wednesday, when the drama began. Beckford body-shamed Kim's 119-pound figure—which she showed off on social media—by saying, "Sorry I don't care for it personally. She is not real, doctor fucked up on her right hip."

Kim replied, "Sis we all know why you don't care for it," adding nail polish, frog, and teacup emojis, which many fans interpreted as her not-so-subtle way of implying that Beckford is gay.

Followers were quick to accuse the mom of three of being homophobic, calling her out for lobbing around homosexuality as an insult. While Kim has stayed tight-lipped on the backlash she has received this week, little sis Khloé gave her opinion during an interview with Extra.

"I was with her when that was going on … what I hate is that people are saying that she's homophobic for that, but no one is saying that we shouldn’t also body shame women," she said.

"I don’t know if people are saying that about him," Khloé continued, "but I just know people are attacking Kim about being homophobic, I'm like she's anything but, so that’s ridiculous."

When asked why she didn't shut down the anti-gay rumors on social media, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, added: "I was asked to not jump in, 'cause I think that would have made it worse."

Tyson addressed Kim's words, saying that he's "not gay" but does "support LGBTQ." “Train 5-6 days a wk, weights Martial Arts and Firearms and I defend those who can’t defend themselves!” Beckford captioned an Instagram photo on Thursday. “I support LGBTQ, even though I’m not Gay. It’s just the Human thing to do.”

We can all probably agree that Tyson and Kim's initial comments were both bad judgment calls.

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