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Jennifer Davis
Nov 03, 2015 @ 6:45 pm

It's no secret that Khloe Kardashian looks fabulous. The reality star recently shed 35 pounds, and she's never been healthier thanks to her regular exercise routine. However, before she decided to change her lifestyle and get into shape, she struggled with the harsh media scrutiny about her body. 

“I remember the first blog I ever saw of myself was on Perez Hilton, and it was bashing me so horribly that it haunted me. I always thought I had a pretty normal body—I could have lost weight six years ago, I could have done all of that. I don’t want to do something for somebody else," Kardashian tells Yahoo Style's Joe Zee in a recent interview

Regardless of what was said in the media, Kardashian still felt good in her skin. "I never felt that I was ever big. I never looked at myself like oh my god I was the fat one," she says in the video portion of their interview. "Other people called me that so I would say it to beat them to the punch. Like, okay, I’m the fat funny one." 

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Kardashian recounts times when the media would report on whether she or her sister Kim Kardashian West looked best when they stepped out on different occasions wearing the same dress. "You know who wore it better–it was Kim!" she joked, but adds, "I felt so good." 

So where does her killer confidence stem from? "It really comes from loving yourself from within," she says. "I know my soul is beautiful. I know I’m a good person, but that came from fat Khloe and that’s going to come from skinny Khloe that will never change for me.”

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Watch her interview with Joe Zee below to hear Kardashian chat about dealing with haters, one-upping Kylie Jenner, and more.

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