She's since disabled her Instagram comments. 

By Sam Reed
Updated Mar 07, 2019 @ 3:15 pm

Just a week after KarJenner fans came after Kim Kardashian for "playing middleclass," her sister Khloé is taking flak for posting a photo of her 11-month-old daughter, True Thompson, playing in a pile of Hermes Birkin bags — $160,000 worth, according to People's estimates.

Khloé posted the image to her Instagram on Wednesday, but the focus was placed squarely on her daughter, not the choice of playpen toys. "About 4 months ago," she captioned the shot. "My girl is growing so fast." Maybe all 14 of the luxury bags, which retail anywhere between $11,000 and $225,000 each, were for scale?

“This photo could pay off all my debts,” said one commenter, “Let’s brag a little more! Why not take some of your wealth and help [others]?” Others chastised the 34-year-old by suggesting she should be giving True toys, rather than the most expensive handbag in the world, to play with.

A few followers came to Khloé's defense, however, by noting the double standard in criticisms the family faces when it comes to their chosen display of wealth. "Would you be upset if they were Wal-mart purses?" asked one user in direct response to those saying she showed off too much.

Ironically enough, Khloé was also mom-shamed about four months ago for a photo that appears to have been taken on the same day as the above image. Dressed in the same navy top and leopard-print headband, True was photographed taking a ride in a croc Birkin bag. At the time, Khloé was criticized for always covering True's hair in head wraps.

On the two Instagrams Khloé has posted since, the Revenge Body star has disabled her comments. She captioned each with messages reminding her followers to stay positive and supportive. It's unclear, however, it if the decision to turn her comments off was directly related to the mom-shaming notes. Cosmopolitan reports that she was also dragged for allegedly Photoshopping a photo of herself in a sparkly jumpsuit.

Khloé – or "Khlomoney," if we're to take a cue from the neon green customized Birk in the photo — has been on the receiving end of countless other mom-shaming comments (a few "offenses" include: having nails that are too long; using photo filters on pictures of True; piercing True's ears), so we're sure that in time, she'll let this one roll off her Birkin. Er, back.