Khloé Kardashian Is Dropping the Same Baby Hints that Kylie Jenner Did

Khloé Kardashian is over nine months pregnant, and she is so ready to meet her baby girl. As far as we know, her due date was in late March, meaning she is seriously pregnant and ready to give birth.

In the past few weeks, Kardashian has been nesting in Cleveland and expressed her boredom on multiple occasions (girl likes to keep busy!). Over the weekend, she shared a series of Snapchats while bouncing on a birthing ball, including a peek at her baby bump, shutting down the rumors that she had already quietly given birth. “Bored AF” she captioned one selfie.

On Monday, she shared another photo that proves just how ready she is to give birth. Posting another snap from her sexy maternity lingerie shoot with boyfriend Tristan Thompson—this time they’re kissing while Thompson holds onto her bump—Kardashian expressed her excitement to meet her daughter. “We are ready whenever you are little mama,” she wrote in the caption.

While the picture itself was gorgeous, the one thing that really caught our attention is Khloé’s choice of emoji. The mom-to-be added a butterfly emoji to the caption, giving us major déjà vu to her younger sister Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy and her many butterfly hints, leading fans to believe that her baby’s name would have something to do with butterflies. Before Kylie introduced us to her daughter Stormi, some fans were convinced that her baby would be named Mariposa, which is the Spanish word for “butterfly.”

While we don’t know it yet, Khloé most likely already has a name picked out (she’s a planner, after all), and that’s not the only way she’s prepared to welcome her daughter. Last week, she shared a post to her app and website about her already-packed hospital bag, telling fans exactly what’s inside.

For herself, Kardashian has packed a computer and charger, PJs that button in the front (super important!), a going home outfit complete with sneakers, a pillow, her favorite blanket, slides, a camera, and maternity bras. For her baby girl, she has two gowns with matching hats and receiving blankets, socks, and swaddles.

This mom-to-be is ready to go when the time comes to meet her new daughter.

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