By Victoria Moorhouse
Nov 02, 2017 @ 5:15 pm

Because apparently nail polish didn’t fill the void of fried poultry-themed beauty products, KFC just launched a chicken-scented bath bomb. Now that’s one product you definitely can’t find on the LUSH menu.

Shaped like a drumstick, of course, we can’t tell you if it’s truly finger lickin’ good, but it’s probably the most inventive bath bomb scent we’ve uncovered yet. You can see what it'll look like in the tweet from the brand below.

But before you go scoop yourself a bowl of mashed potatoes and head for the tub, we have some bad news. The bath bomb is part of a contest that KFC Japan is hosting with Village Vanguard, according to the Independent, you have to be in Japan in order to participate.


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You’re entered to win by retweeting KFC Japan’s post by November 15, and the site also reports that there are only 100 drumsticks to go around.

So the winners have a very difficult decision to make—keep the chicken leg bath bomb as memorabilia, or go to bed smelling like your go-to late night dinner—or hungover breakfast, if we’re being honest.

Will it be so good? You’ll have to stay tuned. But now one think is for sure, no one does chicken like KFC.