By Jonathan Borge
Updated Jan 25, 2016 @ 2:30 pm
Kevin Jonas
Credit: Steve Zak Photography/WireImage

Kevin Jonas and wife Danielle’s two-year-old baby girl, Alena Rose, may share the same surname as this weekend’s blizzard, but don’t think the toddler was born loving icy weather. Sunday afternoon, Danielle took to Instagram to share an adorable image of Alena Rose and the former Jonas Brothers boy band member playing in the freshly fallen snow.

“Snow! Alena lasted 10 minutes just like in the sand doesn’t want to touch it hehehe,” Jonas captioned the adorable ‘gram. In the shot, Kevin pushes little Alena Rose on a too-cute pink sled, where she’s seen hilariously bundled up in plenty of cozy layers. And while Danielle’s caption makes us think the young one wasn’t too fond of her day spend outdoors, the family definitely seems to have enjoyed their time off together.

Sure, winter storm Jonas meant chilly playtime for Alena, but it called for a series of funny Instagram spoofs for dad.

This is one event the family surely will never forget.