Kevin from Work; Say Anything
Credit: Facebook/ Kevin From Work; 20th Century Fox Licensing/Merchandising / Everett Collection

Kevin from Work, a new comedy on ABC Family, premieres tonight. If you have eyes, you’ve probably seen the advertisement for the show in which the titular Kevin (Noah Reid) is holding a shredder that's destroying a sheet of paper with a heart on it. To anyone who has seen Say Anything..., Cameron Crowe’s classic film, the reference is clearly John Cusack holding up a boombox on which is playing "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel:

But here’s the thing. According to the network itself, the target demographic of ABC Family “is young adults born from 1977 to 1996; they are called Millennials. Our viewer’s median age is 28, putting our network right in the sweet spot for advertisers.” That’s great for advertisers but for throwback references to late '80s films, that’s problematic. A 28-year-old was born in 1987, which means he or she would have had to see Say Anything at the tender age of 2.

Studies have shown permanent memories rarely form before the age of 3. So, it seems unlikely that the vast swathe of ABC Family’s target demographic would get the reference on which the advertisement is premised. It’s still kind of funny but with that valence lifted, kind of flat too. What about you? Did your mind go straight to Cusack? Let’s find out.