Kesha Sends Taylor Swift a Powerful Message During Groping Trial: "I Support You Always"

Kesha wants Taylor Swift to know she’s not alone.

On Friday, a Denver judge dismissed the case against Taylor Swift by DJ and radio host David Mueller, who sought $3 million in damages after claiming she ruined his career. While that case has wrapped up, Swift is still in court for counter suing Mueller for $1, claiming he grabbed her butt multiple times.

Kesha took to Twitter to publicly support Swift in the midst of her legal issues. “I support you always, and especially right now and admire your strength and fearlessness. Truth is always the answer,” she wrote, directing her message at Swift.

Last week, Swift delivered a testimony in court that still has celebrities singing her praises. “I’m not going to allow you and your client in any way make me feel like it’s my fault, because it isn’t,” she reportedly said to the opposition, explaining she hopes to “serve as an example to other women.”

Lena Dunham took to Twitter to also show her support.

Of course, it’s especially moving for Kesha to reach out. The singer has been in an ongoing legal battle with producer Dr. Luke, whom she has accused of sexual assault.

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