It's only been about a month since Kesha tried to hug Jerry Seinfeld, but it feels like yesterday. The now infamous hug-denial occurred on the red carpet for David Lynch Foundation’s National Night of Laughter and Song in June, and it was the video seen 'round the Internet.

Seinfeld didn't recognize Kesha when she approached him for a hug and he very firmly shut her down. Kesha finally opened up about the awkward moment while promoting her new single "Praying" on SiriusXM's Hits1, and she takes responsibility for her part in the hilariously awkward encounter.

"I instantly was like, 'Oh f-ck me.' And I like somehow ended up in my very own mini episode of Seinfeld for like five seconds." Kesha revealed that she's actually a really big fan of his hit show, which is why she was so stoked to see him at the event. "I've seen every episode a thousand times. I used to carry the whole season package with me everywhere on my carry-on. Like DVDs...That's why I wanted a hug so hard."

"He's not a huggy guy, that's fine. "I should have known better. I've seen the hugging episode. That was my fault."

After the incident, Seinfeld gave his two cents about the encounter. "I’m 63, I don’t know every pop star,” Seinfeld told Extra . “I don’t know everyone. I don’t hug a total stranger. I have to meet someone, say hello. I gotta start somewhere.”