The Double-Duty Makeup Product That Kerry Washington Can't Live Without

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Forget budge-proof primer. When it comes to Kerry Washington's summer beauty routine, she swaps out the makeup bag staple for sun protection. "I love using a foundation that has SPF in it, because for someone like me, I'm always looking for something that can multi-task—but when I need serious coverage, I use sunscreen as a primer," she tells InStyle. As a face of Neutrogena, Washington is well aquainted with the brand's products, and favors Ultra-Sheer Sunscreen ($10; as her go-to primer replacement. The reason? "It goes on under makeup so beautifully." But that bottle of SPF 45 is more than just a makeup staple for the star—informing people of the sun's dangerous UV rays is a topic she's passionate about, and she's got the statistics to back it up. "The skin is one of our most vital organs, and one in four Americans will develop skin cancer in their lives, which is so crazy because it's one of the most preventable kinds," she adds. "That's why my number one thing is SPF, and getting that information out there."

Admittedly, Washington doesn't wear a ton of makeup in her downtime, but a featherweight lip tint is a constant for even her most minimalist looks. "I like for the summer to be a time where I feel like I'm replenishing my body, so I like to go with a sheer, glossy lip that provides as much moisture as it does color," she says. "That's all I want in the summer, a color that's sheer, and effortlessly sexy, especially after all the swimming and being in the sun." Though she keeps her makeup simple, taking off the day is a golden rule in her beauty handbook. "My biggest thing is that I never, ever go to bed with makeup on," Washington tells us. "Even if I'm having a super lazy day, it's so important to me not to go to bed wearing makeup. I'll use the Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes ($9; because they get everything off—even waterproof mascara—and when I'm not over-exhasted, I'll try to get up and wash my face again."

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