Kerry Washington Opens Up About Her Work with Domestic Abuse Survivors

Kerry Washington is an actress who frequently takes on philanthropic initiatives, and at the 2017 Forbes Women's Summit this week, she talked about why she likes to volunteer.

Washington has joined programs that raise money for people who have survived domestic violence, particularly with Allstate Foundation's Purple Purse program, because she believes that stopping cycles of abuse can create positive change.

“Abuse is generational, and for her to be able to make that change in her own life means that her children will be able to live free of abuse,” she said at the New York City summit.

While she has done a lot of fundraising for the cause, Washington has also interacted directly with people impacted by domestic abuse and their stories have stayed with her.

“One woman took cash and would roll it up in tampon tubes because she knew that was the only place her husband wouldn’t look until she could save enough money to escape,” Washington said. “She had the tools to change her life.”


Additionally, Washington has designed a handbag for Purple Purse. The bag sale proceeds go directly toward helping survivors of domestic abuse to save up money and gain financial independence without having to rely on abusers.

We could all learn a lot from Washington.

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