Kerry Washington Got Chunky Highlights

Just in case you needed more proof that they're back.

Not every set of chunky highlights has to look like a throwback to From Just to Kelly-era Kelly Clarkson. Kerry Washington just made a case for a much more subtle take on the aughts trend and Takisha Sturdivant-Drew, her hairstylist, shared the proof on Instagram. Washington showed off the new look during the promotional tour for Little Fires Everywhere, pre-coronavirus.

"She's back! And with straight hair! I love Kerry in all looks but she looks EXTRA stunning with this @tsdhairextensions magic on her head," Sturdivant-Drew wrote. She used her own line of extensions for the look, which make them temporary, but no less on-trend.

Sturdivant-Drew mentioned that the photos were taken a few days ago, right about when Washington spoke about staying calm during the coronavirus outbreak. She mentioned the importance of self-care — and if adding a few streaks to your hair is self-care, sign us up.

"It's a time where we all have to strike a tricky balance between making sure that we stay informed and are getting the facts — so that we can make decisions to help take care of ourselves and the people around us — and also try not to panic," she told Entertainment Tonight. "Especially at this time. Elevated levels of stress impact our immune systems, so [a] level of self-care and calm is important."

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