In celebration of her 40th birthday last month, Kerry Washington shared a photo of an enormous cake that she was enjoying on the set of Scandal. But contrary to the belief that actors don't eat, the mom-of-two said that her cast and crew ate every last bite.

"There was not a single piece of cake left. Everybody ate that cake," Washington said on Thursday night's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! "Because here's the thing on Scandal. Now that the camera department and our costume department have been able to successfully hide two pregnancies, the actors don't starve ourselves anymore. We're like, we can gain as much weight as we want! Just hold a Prada bag. It's all good."

VIDEO: Kerry Washington's Maternity Style


The pregnancies she's referring to, of course, were her own, which were hidden from the camera with conveniently placed plants, lamps, and purses. "It doesn't matter. We figure it out. Eat away," she joked. "We're like, 'Figure it out, wardrobe! I need another cape!' When you're wondering why Tony Goldwyn is holding Prada bags, it's because he ate a lot of cake."

Next time Olivia Pope strolls in a poncho, we'll know she's hiding a food baby instead of a pregnancy.