Happy birthday to television's go-getter, Kerry Washington! The Scandal actress turns 41 today and we're honoring her with a look back at her best red carpet looks to date.

While her Scandal character Olivia Pope is fond of more conservative capes and pantsuits, Washington is no stranger to risk-taking on the red carpet. From cut-out gowns to edgy bobs, she's always changing up her look. Celebrate the star's 41st birthday, take a look back at her best looks ever.

Kerry Washington Best Looks
Credit: Getty Images

Aside from the star's fashion sense and her Emmy-nominated acting chops, Washington's also an inspiration to women of all ages and occupations. In an interview with InStyle, the actress offers sound advice we could all take to the bank.

"I would say anytime somebody makes you feel like less than a person, less human or less valuable because of your gender, your race, or your sexual orientation or any of that, it's a lie." Washington adds, "You just have to remember that that's the lie that comes from their own sense of disconnection and low self-worth because you are no less than any other person."

Washington sure knows how to serve up the inspo! Happy birthday, Kerry!