Kerry Washington’s Motivational Advice for Girls: “You Are No Less Than Any Other Person”

Kerry Washington
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Scandal fanatics know Olivia Pope is nothing but a Washington D.C.-based political badass, but in real life, actress Kerry Washington’s personality doesn’t fall far from the fictional TV screen tree. The Emmy-nominated star’s fearless attitude and no-holds-barred approach to her career began at an early age.

“I once had an acting teach that told me to always be studying. Just to always, always be studying. So that’s something that I try to do,” she tells InStyle. “I try to keep learning more and more about what I do and how to do it so that I stay in the student mindset.”

Washington, who compares becoming a successful actor to winning the lottery, believes that despite how difficult your goals may be, it’s important to follow your dreams. “Listen to the callings of your heart,” she adds. As for her advice for girls around the world, we’re taking word-for-word notes. “I would say anytime somebody makes you feel like less than a person, less human or less valuable because of your gender, your race, or your sexual orientation or any of that, it’s a lie,” the 38-year-old actress notes.

“You just have to remember that that’s the lie that comes from their own sense of disconnection and low self worth because you are no less than any other person,” Washington explains. Talk about inspiring!

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—With reporting by Carita Rizzo

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