Keratin Complex - Lead
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When it comes to creating wind-tousled beach waves in a matter of minutes, sea salt sprays have long been our go-to—but for some hair textures, salt leaves curls feeling dry and brittle. Enter Keratin Complex's Sweet Definition Texturizing Mist ($16; available this month at, which swaps the ingredient for sugar. In addition to leaving your hair parched, salt and sodium chloride can strip the keratin proteins from your strands, resulting in that crunchy texture.

By trading salt for sugar cane extract, you'll end up with the same surfer-girl texture you're after, without the stiff feeling. Thanks to hydrating ingredients like sunflower seed extract, marine algae, and sea kelp, your waves will be soft to the touch—but won't be movie theater-floor sticky as the "sugar spray" moniker may suggest. Just as you would with its salty counterpart, shake the bottle to mix the oil infusion with the rest of the mixture. Then, mist the spray onto damp strands from your mid-lengths to ends, and either allow them to air-dry, or pop a diffuser attachment onto your dryer to speed up the process. Here's to touchable beachy waves today, tomorrow, and all summer long!