The Way You Touch Your Hair Is Sending Out Nonverbal Cues

Hair Language - Lead 2016
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When is a hair flip more than just a hair flip? More often than you'd imagine, actually. You can tell a lot about what's going on in someone's mind by picking up on nonverbal cues, and the way you play with your layers, whether or not you even realize you're doing so in the first place, can be especially telling. For their latest campaign, Kérastase dove into exactly what those little motions meant by teaming up with former FBI agent Joe Navarro, who was able to decode how people communicate through their hair. For example—the act of tucking your strands behind your ears suggests interest, hence moving any distractions out of the way to give your undivided attention to the subject at hand, while repetitive twisting and twirling at your ends implies boredom.

"Body language has always been with us, and it is the primary language we learn. We communicate health, interest, desire, joy, passion, and love all nonverbally," Navarro explains. "Our hair radiates how we feel. Anytime a woman moves her hands to her hair, we are immediately attracted, and we want to see what messages are there." See what a few of your most-common hair ticks mean below, and head over to now to check out the hidden meanings behind even more hair gestures.

Hair Language - Embed 2016
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