See Prince Harry's Very Touching Official Christmas Card

Prince Harry
Photo: Karwai Tang/WireImage

It would be hard to beat as charming a family portrait as Prince William and Kate Middleton's official Christmas card, but Prince Harry is holding his own. Kensington Palace released the Prince's card in a tweet which features him standing next to a fighter plane with Tom Neil, a 95-year-old Battle of Britain veteran, at the pilot's seat. The photo is shot in black and white and shows a very pleased looking Harry and Neil, who looks like he is on cloud nine. The palace captioned the photo, "Merry Christmas from Prince Harry! Here's his Christmas card photo showing one of his favorite moments from 2015."

12/22/2015 - The picture chosen by Prince Harry as his Christmas card which shows him with Battle of Britain veteran Tom Neil during the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of victory in the Battle of Britain, at Goodwood Aerodrome in West Sussex. The P
Press Association

The Prince met the war vet in September during an appearance he made at the 75th anniversary commemoration of the battle victory on his 31st birthday. Harry gave up his seat for Neil and two wounded servicemen so they could take part in the demonstration after one of the planes had mechanical issues, according to The Telegraph. This was the biggest gathering of Battle of Britain aircrafts since the Second World War.

The palace's Instagram account stated that Harry chose the photo with Neil because he "considered it a great honor to meet Tom during the Battle of Britain flypast in September. It was one of his most memorable moments of 2015." The picture was taken by the Press Association's veteran royal photographer John Stillwell.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte's card may be priceless, but Uncle Harry's holiday greeting is pretty heartwarming, too.

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