Social Media Is Downplaying the Greatness of Kenny G's Mid-Flight Performance

One of our favorite parts about social media is that it's equal opportunity if you learn how to use it. Some of our favorite icons have joined Twitter and Instagram to great success, including none other than legendary jazz musician Kenny G.

He frequently takes to both mediums with witty wordplay and old photos that really show us he's kind of been #hairgoals for decades. Case in point:

Thus, we weren't surprised that the saxophonist treated passengers on a Delta flight between Tampa and Los Angeles this past Saturday to an impromptu performance. The reason? To raise funds for Relay for Life. He offered up a sweet serenade if $1,000 was donated, and the passengers obliged—and a total of $2,000 was raised.

But everyone on social media wasn't completely pleased with the gesture. There has of course been a lot of in-flight madness over the past year, thus it almost seems like a blessing to have a quiet trip with no issues.

Perhaps we're missing the issue here, but we wouldn't at all mind a performance from Kenny G during our next flight. More charity, less chaos.

Hopefully, airlines are learning from their mistakes, but only time will tell.

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