By Andrea Cheng
Updated Oct 26, 2016 @ 7:45 am
Kendall Kylie Ad Campaign Lead
Credit: Sasha Samsonova

Kendall Jenner is one of the most sought-out models in the business. Kylie Jenner is the ruler of her makeup empire that she built on in-demand lip kits (made possible by social media followings in the multi-millions). Together, the two have launched their own namesake clothing line. Yet, in spite all of this, the sisters remain fiercely loyal to their longtime PacSun partnership, which brings us to today's news: We have the first look at their holiday PacSun collection, which will be available starting tomorrow, Oct. 27, at through December.

But don't be misled by the word "holiday," because the 161-piece lineup, with prices that range from $20 to $196, isn't dominated by sequins or glitter. Instead, you'll find a '90s-meets-'70s aesthetic, with crushed velvet tops, satin bombers, camo jackets, plunging bodysuits, slip dresses edged with lace, and suede moto jackets—basically all the pieces that are not only trending for the season, but are also the same styles that make up Kenny and Kye's personal off-duty wardrobes (something we can attest to after documenting their every move).

And that leads us to their campaign. Shot by Sasha Samsonova, Kendall and Kylie are seen modeling a few of their designs (a slip dress with a dragged-down camo jacket or velvet overalls on Kendall and a cross-over crop top and bomber on Kylie) while posing and (randomly) playing chess. Scroll through for a closer look at their campaign and don't forget to shop their holiday collection at PacSun starting Thursday, Oct. 27.

Kendall Kylie Ad Campaign 2
Credit: Sasha Samsonova
Kendall Kylie Ad Campaign 3
Credit: Sasha Samsonova
Kendall Kylie Ad Campaign 1
Credit: Sasha Samsonova