By Alicia Brunker
Nov 24, 2018 @ 3:00 pm

Just when you thought the drama surrounding Tristan Thompson's cheating scandal was over, Kendall Jenner is here to remind us that she's still not cool with how the NBA player treated her sister. 

Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

On Friday — a day after Kholé spent Thanksgiving away from Jenner and the rest of her family in Cleveland — the supermodel joined the crowd in booing at Thompson while he prepared to shoot a free throw during a basketball game against the Philadelphia 76ers. Lucky for us, it's all on camera. 

Jenner's on-again, off-again basketball pro boyfriend Ben Simmons played against Tristain's team last night, which offered Kendall the perfect opportunity to heckle to her heart's content. 

Kholé saw the situation unfold on social media, and rather than getting upset, Kardashian was totally cool with it. "Look at my baby heckler :eyes::loudspeaker: I’m dying at Kenny trying to heckle on the low low!" she tweeted. 

However, Kendall's taunting of Tristan was all in good fun, as there isn't any actual beef between the two. Following the game, the model was photographed hugging Thompson with a huge smile, and congratulating him on his win.  

Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

We must admit that we're super jealous Kendall got to boo Tristan IRL. For now, through the TV screen will just have to suffice.