The model's video for fast fashion brand Reserved is beautifully surreal. 

Kendall Jenner is a master of her craft when it comes to modeling.

She proves she's able to effortlessly adopt any style even further in a special short film created to promote Reserved's new AW19 campaign.

The two-minute clip, called "Ciao Kendall," finds the model trying on a variety of different wigs, and it's where she first channels timeless Italian style icon Sophia Loren, thanks to an Old Hollywood-inspired wig by way of hairstylist Syd Hayes. Kendall's makeup is also on point, with looks by artist Isamaya Ffrench. Then, all bets are off as the short film veers into surreal territory, to fantastic effect.

It's an eye-popping journey through '60s European film with tributes to Luc Besson's film Léon: The Professional, some truly intriguing Jean Luc Godard-styled dancing (Kendall looks as though she's in a trance for a short period of time), and a host of other "characters" she turns herself into.

Kendall tirelessly transforms into new identities against an Italian backdrop, clad in several high-fashion looks throughout the ad, including an A-line skirt and turtleneck, a crop top paired with a leather skirt, and elegant lingerie. We can't get over how close she looks to Sophia Loren from the first few seconds of the video, though – it's truly striking.

Near the end of the video, Kendall is clad in edgy streetwear (the same lace floral dress look from Reserved seen in the collection), brimming with confidence as she takes a running leap onto a ladder and plummets into a swimming pool, where she's immediately transformed into a mermaid. It's certainly one of the most creative campaigns we've seen Kendall in as of late, and a fun clip to watch over and over again.

What kind of looks will Jenner tackle next? We'd love to see more of this kind of ad campaign from the model, especially as it truly showcases how flexible and fluid her style can truly be. In the meantime, you can shop the same looks from the ad via the Reserved collection, so you can try your hand at channeling this one-of-a-kind homage.