By Alexandra Whittaker
Updated May 04, 2018 @ 3:45 pm

On Thursday night in New York City, the weather couldn't seem to pick a lane. It cycled through fog, heavy winds, humidity, and total clarity, all within an hour. And then it rained.

But you didn't need to be refreshing your weather app to observe the temperamental forecast. All one had to do was take a peek at the ensembles worn by human weather vane Kendall Jenner. In the span of a few hours, the 22-year-old stepped out in nothing but her skivvies, followed by a wintry long-sleeve dress and suede lace-up booties, and then a (very) sheer mini dress with clear lucite heels.

Early in the hot, hot afternoon, Jenner posted a photo of herself in her underwear captioned "heat wave," before changing into outfit number two for the celebration of the opening of Longchamp's new Fifth Avenue store.

Kendall Jenner lead
Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris

She wore a red and black patterned silk dress and matching snakeskin purse—both by Longchamp—as well as black suede booties. Despite her bag's short strap, Jenner styled it as a cross-body, like all the It girls do.

As she left her Longchamp celebration for yet another Fifth Avenue event in the form of Tiffany & Co.'s party in honor if its new Paper Flowers collection, she shed some dress length and opted instead for a super short minidress.

Kendall Jenner embed
Credit: Jamie McCarthy

The itty bitty Elie Saab dress—paired with Tiffany & Co. jewelry, of course—wasn't the only part of the night Jenner seemed excited about. While at her second event, Jenner stopped to talk to InStyle about her sentimental connection to Tiffany, revealing that the most sentimental piece of jewelry she owns is from the brand.

"Ironically enough, it’s probably a piece of Tiffany jewelry that my mom [Kris Jenner] gave me when I was first born," she said. "It’s a little diamond thingy. It’s really cute."

Sheer minis and talk of little diamond thingys? All in a day's work for a supermodel.