Kendall Jenner Was Scared to Tell Her Parents She Had a Boyfriend

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We always knew Kendall Jenner was the most private of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, especially when it came to dating. But what we didn't know, is that in high school she was so reserved she didn't even tell her parents that she had a boyfriend! This past Friday, the model revealed on her blog, that she didn't tell her parents that she was seeing someone because she was afraid of getting yelled at. "My dad didn't really know I had a boyfriend," she wrote. "Even though my mom had an idea, I was really weird about telling them because I thought I'd get in trouble."

Although she probably no longer fears Kris and Caitlyn's dating-related wrath, the model still keeps most of her relationships under wraps when it comes to the media.

VIDEO: Why Kendall Jenner Keeps Her Relationships Quiet

Jenner was previously in a very private, on-again, off-again relationship with former One Direction member Harry Styles that was only confirmed via an iCloud leak.

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She is currently rumored to be dating fashion forward rapper A$AP Rocky; the two were recently spotted together in Paris and New York.

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