The Real Reason Kendall Jenner Has Kept Her Relationship with Ben Simmons So Private

The model just opened up about why she prefers not to talk about her boyfriends.

Kendall Jenner knows what you think about her dating life and she (with a little help from pal Hailey Bieber) is here to set the record straight.

The model, who recently confirmed her relationship Philadelphia 76ers player Ben Simmons, “loves super hard,” according to the newlywed Bieber (nee Baldwin). “I’ve just seen her go through her different experiences and relationships and I think people, because you’ve never really talked about it they might not understand it, so they may have this idea and perception in their mind that you kind of, maybe, just throw people in the trash when you don’t like them,” she explained on Apple Music’s Zaza World Radio. “It’s not the truth,” she clarified, “She doesn’t like to waste time! I don’t think that that’s a bad thing."

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Jenner confirmed as much, explaining that she’s quick to break things off, but never without a good reason. "I know when I’m off it, and I get off it really easy,” she said, “But it’s not just for no reason. Someone has to do something to make me off it.” And being one of the world’s most visible women, it doesn’t take a lot to prove to Jenner that someone’s in it “for the wrong reasons.” That being said, when she’s “in it,” she’s all there: “A lot of the relationships that I’m in, I’m in it, and I’m in it with that one person and I’m a very loyal person once I’m fully in it.”

When it comes to sharing her personal life with the public, the 23-year-old has understandable reservations.

“I also have trust issues with anybody I bring into my life — a friend, a relationship, whatever,” she shared. “I need to make sure that you’re here for the right reasons and I don’t want to let the world have their opinion on something and let them fully into something if I don’t even know what’s gonna end up happening in the next couple months because it’s something I’m going to have to explain. I don’t want to do all of that unless I’m completely certain in a relationship or it’s been a while.”

But concerns for privacy aside, you won’t see Jenner jumping fences or hiding in bushes to avoid the paparazzi. “I’m not going to go out of my way too crazy to be that private, because then it’s like ‘OK, we’re not even having fun because we’re trying so hard,’ but if I can control it even just a little bit, then I’m going to do that. I don’t need to be talking about things like that — I just don’t find it necessary.”

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