Pregnancy is not "in the air" for the supermodel.

By Christopher Luu
Updated Apr 26, 2019 @ 9:45 pm

Don't expect a Jenner baby from Kendall. In her latest Instagram post, she shared a group picture of her huge family, babies and all (minus Rob and Dream Kardashian). But one swipe showed that there was a joke hidden beside the snapshot: a meme aimed at anyone expecting Kendall to be expecting anytime soon.

Instead of a second family picture, followers were treated to a guy with a plastic bag over his face, which is obviously how Jenner feels about kids right now. That heart emoji on the first pic didn't help, either. Jenner was definitely baiting everyone for a punchline.

"Pregnancy is in the air. Me:," read the text alongside the second photo.

In an interview with Elle, Kendall addressed her growing family — and her absence from the sorority of cool moms, aka all of her siblings. She noted that it did feel weird to have her younger sister, Kylie, have a baby before she did, but the feeling was fleeting.

"It's forever growing ..." Jenner told Lana del Rey. "Every time I think it's eased up, someone's popping out a baby. It's obviously a bit weird that your little sister is having a baby before you. I didn't expect it to happen like this. But it's beautiful."

There was another major mommy statement last winter, when Kendall was notably absent from the Kardashian family Christmas card. Her older sister, Khloé, said that it Jenner thought the photo looked better without her.

Kendall Jenner
Credit: Samir Hussein/Getty Images

"She was at the shoot and she chose not to be in the picture because she thought it was cuter that it was just the babies and the mommies," Khloé explained to USA Today.

Comments by Celebs combed through the comments to find Jenner's sister, Kim, and friend, Hailey Baldwin, commenting on the post with a laugh-cry emoji and "AHHHAHAHAAA exactly," respectively. Baldwin's probably feeling the same as Kendall, since she's always being asked about starting a family, even though she's said again and again that it's not in her plans at the moment. While all the moms hang out together, it looks like Kendall will be in pretty good company.