It's Jenner's longest hairstyle yet.


Kendall Jenner is no stranger to major hair changes.

While the model has been known to gravitate toward a mostly similar hairstyle for many of her looks, she's still experimented several times with a few different styles: auburn, blonde, short, long, you name it.

But during a recent shoot for Garage magazine, Kendall went to exciting new lengths with her locks, showing off a dramatically different style with floor-length, mermaid-like waves. The model almost looked like a different person as she debuted her longest hair yet, thanks to some lengthy extensions.

Her shoot for Garage found her first clad in a fuzzy pink houndstooth jacket, topless underneath as she cradled her newfound inches. Adorned with a few nose accessories, she posed topless with her hands covering her chest for the cover.

For a third look, she appeared in a lengthy leopard print coat with bright yellow tights and black pumps, her hair styled in a lengthy ponytail and touching the floor.

The shoot was clearly a creative one editorial-wise, but those inches Jenner is sporting are seriously goals. It's actually surprising she hasn't been spotted with such a lengthy style before now.

Of course, the extensions were only around for a short time, as Jenner's very next post to Instagram showed off her more usual, shoulder-length style that skimmed the top of a denim jacket for a completely different campaign. Such is the life of a model, though – those looks are always ever-changing. We can't wait to see Kenny serving those lengthy locks again someday, though.