Kendall Jenner LEAD
Credit: Gabriel Olsen/FilmMagic

Kendall Jenner’s latest Instagram posts are causing “chaos” on the Internet. The 21-year-old model posted a few sexy Instagrams in her bikini on Saturday—which might in fact rival big sister Kim's previous breaking of the Internet.

Jenner may be one of the more reserved Kardashian sisters, but she still doesn't shy away from flaunting her assets on social media. Yesterday, she shared two pics of herself in a black and white bikini, and you can’t deny that her body looks amazing! She titled the first one “chaos,” which that accurately sums up how her millions of followers reacted to the sultry image.

WATCH: Kendall Jenner's Sexiest Instagrams

The second shot was an artsy snap of her reflection in a glass door—she’s leaning up against a piece of furniture in the sun as she takes a picture with her phone.

Though the two images she posted were selfies, Jenner also struck a pose for a fun photoshoot with fellow model Hailey Baldwin behind the camera. Baldwin shared one of the sexy black-and-white images on her own Instagram.