By Faith Cummings
Mar 01, 2017 @ 10:30 am

We always look forward to James Corden's unique celeb segments on The Late Late Show. And on Tuesday night's episode, he gathered some of our favorite stars together to show off their hidden talents.

First up was Academy Award nominee Andrew Garfield, who emerged in a retro red tracksuit. After announcing his name and his birthplace in Surrey, England, he revealed his hidden talent, which was gymnastics. Not very hidden right? "No one's ever seen me do this before," the Hackshaw Ridge star said. He then executed a back handspring with perfect form.

Then Kendall Jenner stepped out in a sheer black lace top, high-waist black cropped trousers, and red lips. Her talent? Bird noises—and she surprisingly sounded as good as sparrows on a nice spring day. Not sure when that skill will come in handy, but it's certainly unexpected.

Next, was icon Stevie Nicks who first revealed that she was "reborn in San Francisco in 1969." The "struggling singer"—her words not ours—flaunted her expert baton twirling skills. And though she had a hilarious misstep and actually hit herself, we still think she's amazing enough to make it into a second career if she wants to. If being the frontwoman of Fleetwood Mac and a legend isn't enough for her.

The fun continued with Taylor Lautner. As for his hidden talent: "I can catch grapes in my mouth at any distance and any velocity." And he did not disappoint! Corden launched a grape in Lautner's direction from three different distances and the actor caught them all.

If this shows us anything, it's that our favorite stars are even more skilled than we thought. We're actually really looking forward to the next Hidden Talents segment.



Watch the full talent show in the video above.