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December 4, 2016: Kendall Jenner wears a revealing strappy top and jeans as she enjoys a glass of wine on the beach in Miami. Mandatory Credit: INSTARimages
Credit: INSTARimages.com

Every rose has its thorn and, too, every Jenner has a fabulous metallic top on the brink of malfunction.

Kendall Jenner took her precarious gold silk top (technically a dress: $349; shopspring.com) to the beaches of Miami on Sunday, where she sipped a glass of rosé and wore a set of Céline slip-ons that cost more than the monthly rent of most 21-year-olds (aka $980 at retail).

At first glance, the images from this outing appear almost stock—model sips wine in picturesque locale, laughs, rocks the perfect orange-red lip (If this were secretly an ad for allergy meds, we wouldn’t question it). However, upon closer inspection, the truth of the matter comes to the fore.

In a series of shots from the Dec. 4 event, Miss Jenner gracefully adjusts to wearing the gravity-defying shirt/top—essentially a metallic bib held in place by a series of carefully placed straps. You may need to brush up on your notes from ninth-grade physics to truly wrap your head around the design of this garment, but in layman terms, here’s the gist:

Kendall Jenner - Gold Top - 2
Credit: Xposure/AKM-GSI

The top is comprised of three key straps: the two slim shoulder straps, which do not make contact with the backside of the dress—they just loop back around to the front and attempt to hold in place the skinny swath of fabric covering Kendall’s chest. (So, basically, if either shoulder strap slips, it’s game over: wardrobe malfunction ensues.)

Of course, there is also the back strap, which slides beneath Jenner’s chest and wraps around her lower back. This strap appears to have limited practical purpose, but it’s an eye-pleasing touch. Below this final strap, there is a loose gap of fabric that flows down Jenner’s torso and finds security in the skirt’s back zipper.

Our best guess for keeping the dress/shirt’s integrity in play? Fashion tape. Kendall’s look clearly requires a great deal of adjustment—this is not the glam “I Woke Up Like This” New Year’s Eve look you’ve been pining for.

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Though Kendall’s fashion struggle is very real, we think it might actually be worth it. Look how fabulously Jenner’s layered chains and chokers complement the champagne-colored tank. Also, check the gold-rimmed shades—A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

Kendall Jenner - Gold Top - 1
Credit: PacificCoastNews

After all, Kendall is a top model. She knows how to field a wardrobe malfunction and wear a risky piece with ultimate confidence—literal millions of people have seen her strut in nothing but sky-high heels and lingerie.

We’re calling it: Jenner’s delicate shirt/dress ensemble is a fashion win.