We're just one day away from the release of Fergie's Double Dutchess album, and the singer continues to get us amped for the main event with new imagery and clips from her accompanying Seeing Double visual experience. In a mysterious preview shared to the 42-year-old's Instagram, Kendall Jenner plays leading lady.

In the clip, the supermodel is a total sleeping beauty with her sleek locks and brows perfectly coiffed, and her lips accentuated in a pretty shade of pink. Despite the noise of a child playing in the background, Jenner doesn't wake up from her snooze until a voice repeats, "And You."

Later, Fergie shared a still of Jenner, making direct eye contact with the viewer—still looking flawless.

We have no idea what the model's appearance in the video symbolizes, but don't we all wish we looked that good waking up from an eight-hour slumber?