Liv Simmons didn't mince words. 


It's unclear whether or not Kendall Jenner is dating another NBA player (girl has a type — it’s fine), but not everyone is so complimentary of the 23-year-old model’s dating history.

Jenner’s most recent ex (as far as we know), Philadelphia 76ers point guard Ben Simmons, has a sister named Liv, who, despite laughing and chatting with the KarJenner sister just six months ago, now appears to be on the attack.

Oklahoma City Thunder v Philadelphia 76ers
Credit: Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Last week, Liv tweeted, “I just wouldn’t ever wanna be known for dating athletes. Like imagine working your way through a league. Not a team a LEAGUE!”

And though the tweet feels pointed considering her brother’s history with Jenner, we didn’t want to jump to conclusions. That being said, Liv seemed to pretty explicitly confirm it was Jenner she was referring to when responding to an angry fan.

She followed up by owning her now-viral shade, writing “Oh f—k you guys I live under a tree #shadylife.” Perhaps Scarlett Johansson will lobby to play said tree in the movie?

Buoying angry Kendall fans once more, Liv concluded her rant with an indisputable slight: “I’d rather by crazy than a hoe #facts.”

We’ll take a crazy guess and say Liv did not sign an NDA at the outset of her relationship with Jenner …