A new career perhaps?

Kendall Jenner: supermodel, reality TV star, and star cheerleader?

Jenner showed off her prowess as a cheerleader when she took to The Ellen DeGeneres Show for a recent appearance, shocking us all with how fantastic she actually is at holding the sport down.

It's all just in time for Netflix's doc-series Cheer, which has become something of a phenomenon. Previously, Coach Monica Aldama of Navarro College, which the series follows, lead the school's championship cheerleading team in their winning routine on Ellen. The head coach was all smiles as DeGeneres handed her a $20,000 check as a gift by way of Shutterfly as a gesture to help support the team.

Now, in a new episode of the Ellen show, Jenner made it clear that she's a big fan of Cheer herself, seeing as she used to be a cheerleader as well when she was in high school. When DeGeneres surprised her with a few of the Navarro Cheer squad members as well as the fact that they'd be doing a routine together, however, Jenner wasn't particularly confident. In fact, she was a little nervous – and starstruck.

Jenner's own favorite member of the Navarro squad, Morgan Simianer, brought the model her very own Navarro Cheer uniform as they spent some time freaking out over the other's appearance on the show, with Simianer shrieking and Jenner calling her "so cute."

But then it came time to actually pull off the cheer stunts that Jenner had been assigned. She learned that she'd be doing the prep move, which required her to stand straight as the Navarro cheer team lifted her into the air. Luckily, Jenner's cheerleading expertise all throughout high school prepared her well for that moment, and she was able to pull off the move with relative ease.

Jenner managed to stand tall above the rest of the squad members in her custom cheerleading top and slacks, while she looked out triumphantly at the audience. Now she's probably totally making hangout dates with Navarro's Simianer.

It looks like all that cheerleading practice from high school paid off in the best way.