By Jonathan Borge
Updated Jul 20, 2017 @ 11:15 am

Let’s be real: Who isn’t angling to capture that peak summer swimsuit 'gram? You’ve practiced your angles. Found the right look to tan in. And know exactly who can serve as your Insta husband. What’s next? The perfect shot.

That’s what Kendall Jenner achieved Wednesday, when she shared an image we bet millions of social media fanatics will soon attempt to recreate. Reminding us that yes, she’s a model, and yes, she can wear just about anything, Jenner posted a photograph of herself posing in nothing but a bright blue one-piece swimsuit colored with the letters “USA.” It’s not red, but it could honestly fit right into any Baywatch scene.

In the image, the water looks crystallized beneath the sun as she poses with aviator sunnies. But what’s she standing on? Was she on a boat? Could she have been flawlessly standing atop one of those once-trendy Jetboards? We’re not sure, but we do know one thing: she looks good doing whatever it is she was doing.

Earlier this week, Kendall and her little sis Kylie Jenner dropped a brand new swimsuit collection with Revolve that, without a doubt, can help you recreate the above 'gram. Her USA piece doesn’t seem to be a part of the 23 designs now available, but hey, Kendall’s gotta keep some things to herself.