By Alicia Brunker
Updated: Dec 30, 2018 @ 12:01 pm

The KarJenners are known to take sexy photos in odd environments. A few weeks ago, Kim posed in a pink bikini in her closet with a collection of Birkin bags in the background and Kourtney wore a micro LBD in a bathroom straight out of the '70s.

However, Kendall Jenner went above and beyond with a bikini photo outside in a pile of snow. Take a look for yourself: 

Seemingly trying to outdo her older sisters, the supermodel posted a series of snaps of herself wearing a tiny pink swimsuit with only a fur aviator hat, ski boots, and sunglasses to keep her warm. "F*** it's cold," Jenner captioned the shots. 

Indeed, it was cold. Freezing, actually. Jenner and her famous family are on a ski trip in Aspen, Colorado, and according to the 23-year-old's Instagram Stories, the winter retreat's temperatures entered sub-zero territory yesterday. 


In August, Kim admitted to Ellen DeGeneres that oftentimes she posts some pictures simply for Instagram's sake, citing an image of her baking in her underwear. "That outfit I probably had under sweats, but sometimes you gotta do some things for the 'gram—for the Instagram," the 38-year-old said. "You know, we do little impromptu photo shoots just for Instagram—but I wasn't walking around baking like that." 

Let's hope the same goes for Kendall parading around in the snow in her bikini.