Kendall and Kylie Jenner have had an eponymous clothing line for two years now, and the success of the line has caused the star sisters to reflect.

In an interview with WWD, the Jenner sisters opened up about the business lessons they've learned since launching Kendall + Kylie.

"Creating a brand takes time and the key is listening to our customers and creating newness each season in categories she loves from us," Kylie says.

Listening to your customers and creating newness are both good tips, but what else can aspiring fashion designers keep in mind?

"Trust that taking risks is worth it and if we love it, so will our fans," Kendall says.

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Kendall and Kylie are certainly not shy about risking it all with fashion. Their recently launched (and subsequently pulled) band T-shirts, in particular, stirred up quite the controversy and the sisters issued an apology for the designs.

When asked about the challenges they've faced with their line, though, Kendall focused on another aspect entirely.

"When Kylie and I launched this line we were so young and also still figuring out our own personal style and what we loved … so building a brand and trying to figure out who our K+K customer was and what she wanted on top of that was definitely a challenge," said Kendall.

"Now looking back on the other side and knowing what we personally love along with what our customer wants is amazing," she said. "Now we get to combine the two and create styles that she comes back to us for each season."