Kellyanne Conway is great at one thing: protecting Donald Trump. When the president stumbles, she’s got his back. But when her husband George Conway stumbles? That’s a different story.

Reporter Ben Terris’s new Washington Post profile hilariously details the odd relationship between Trump’s chief counselor and her husband. The weird and (we guess?) in love couple has been together for nearly two decades and can’t agree on a subject that divides many American households: politics. While both have always been conservative, George began speaking out against Trump in 2017, criticizing his actions on Twitter, much to the ire of Kellyanne, a deeply planted White House confidante.

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So what other juicy tidbits did we learn from Terris’s piece? Below, we dissected what everyone’s talking about, so you don’t have to.

Ann Coulter Introduced Kellyanne and George

And George, working as a lawyer in New York, eventually introduced Kellyanne to Trump. The Conways married in 2001, and where’d they choose to live? Trump World Tower in New York City, where Kellyanne eventually joined the condo board. As Terris writes, George wishes he never connected her to Trump.

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They Have Children Together

Four, to be exact — twins Claudia and George Jr., 13, Charlotte, 10, and Vanessa, 8.

Like Most Couples, They Bicker

The difference? Their disagreements have everything to do with the president. Staring at a photo from election night 2016, here was their exchange, as written by Terris:

“That photo was from before you cried,” Kellyanne says.

“Now I cry for other reasons,” George mutters.

Kellyanne pretends to ignore that comment, something she’s been doing a lot of lately.

“You gotta see this picture,” George, 54, says. “You should like this, it’s your boss.”

“He’s not just my boss,” Kellyanne, 51, says. “He’s our president.”

“Yeah,” George says, walking out of the room. “We’ll see how long that lasts.”

Their Washington, D.C. Home Sounds Glorious, TBH

In it, there’s an “enormous" painting of Audrey Hepburn with a peacock on her head. Fancy! In addition, the “Mediterranean revivalist” space —15,000 square feet — not only cost a cool $7.7 million, but it also looks like a “mini Mar-a-Lago.”

They live right near Vernon Jordan (a former adviser to Bill Clinton), Adrienne Arsht (a Democratic donor and philanthropist), and next to the former home of Oleg Deripaska (an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin who owned Paul Manafort’s debt). What a crew.

And They Have a Beach House

Which Kellyanne bought in the ‘90s. It’s in Ventnor City, N.J., not far from Atlantic City, and while Kellyanne grew up not too far away, it’s close enough to a property that should feel familiar to her: Trump’s former Taj Mahal casino. “It’s wildly popular, she told Terris.

George rebutted, “It went bankrupt twice.”

Now for the Good Stuff … George Really Dislikes Trump

While he flirted with the idea of joining the Justice Department under Trump, George shied away from the administration altogether (the firing of FBI Director James B. Comey raised a red flag), and, as Terris writes, he’s even part of a “semi-secret group of Trump skeptics known as the Meeting of the Concerned.” He tweeted that Trump’s search for a new communications director in 2017 was “absurd,” and has written extensive pieces in opposition to POTUS. His tweets are what drive Kellyanne crazy.

About Those Tweets...

“It’s an outlet, that keeps it a small part of my life,” George said. “It’s a quick easy way to express myself, that keeps me from making it a bigger part of my life … I think I’m actually holding back a little ... I think the reason why is obvious.”

Though She Isn’t Above Throwing Her Husband Under the Bus

Kellyanne told Terris she finds George’s tweets “disrespectful,” but soon after reminded the reporter that she was only speaking “off the record,” telling him to publish her quote not as herself, but as a “person familiar with their relationship.” In other words, Kellyanne freely spoke about how her husband’s Twitter habits annoy her, but quickly tried to backtrack when she realized she’d be quoted. The Post published their exchange.

But, He’s Still Down for His Wife

“I’m just saddened by how things turned out,” George told Terris on a day in which the family — children included — sat at home and enjoyed each other’s company without the pressure of work. “This is what George misses at times, his simpler life,” Terris writes.

Knowing This, Kellyanne Remains Committed to Trump

“I feel there’s a part of him that thinks I chose Donald Trump over him,” Kellyanne tells Terris during a six-mile walk that’s described as exhausting. “Which is ridiculous. One is my work and one is my marriage.” That said, she does think it’s “impolite” and “disrespectful” when George tweets about Trump.

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Kellyanne Knows Her Worth

“Nobody knows who I am because of my husband,” Kellyanne said. “People know of my husband because of me.”

One Final Fact?

Like Queen Elizabeth, they like Corgis and have two named Skipper and Bonnie.