Kelly Rowland - Lead
Credit: Kris Connor/WireImage

The Internet is freaking out over the new Kendrick Lamar “Humble” video, and so are celebrities. The video, which some are calling offensive but many others are interpreting as an ode to authenticity and humility, calls for an end to the age of airbrushed beauty standards, and Kelly Rowland is all about it.

"I’m so…sick and tired of the Photoshop / show me something natural like afro on Richard Pryor / Show me something natural like a-- with some stretch marks,” Lamar raps in the video.

Rowland answered Lamar’s call to action and Instagrammed a swimsuit shot of her backside, stretch marks and all. "...BE HUMBLE” she captioned the post. Rowland also Tweeted her support, declaring “As if I needed another reason to LOVE Kendrick Lamar. #BEHUMBLE!”

More fellow musicians also came out of the woodwork to share their enthusiasm for the new song and video, including Katy Perry, Florence Welch, Imagine Dragons, and Snoop Dogg. Basketball icon LeBron James also shared the video on his Twitter, tagging Lamar.

“THIS VIDEO IS COMING FOR EVERYONE!” Tweeted Perry, adding a flame and a hand clap emoji for emphasis.

VIDEO: Catching Up With Kelly Rowland

Warning: The song is somewhat NSFW, but you can watch the it below this weekend and see what all the buzz is about. (Stretch marks segment at 1:43.)

Whether or not you're a Lamar fan, it's hard to argue with a healthy dose of body-confidence! And don't even get us started on Kelly Rowland—we can't ever get enough.